The SmartCycler® System

CepheidAccurate Nucleic Acid Measurements

The Smart Cycler® System from Cepheid is a highly versatile and efficient thermal cycler with real time optical detection, specifically tailored to the rapidly evolving needs of today's molecular biology laboratory.

The core of the Smart Cycler System is the I-CORE® (Intelligent Cooling/Heating Optical Reaction) module, incorporating state-of-the-art microfluidic and microelectronic design. Each Smart Cycler processing block contains sixteen independently programmable I-CORE modules, each of which performs four-color, real time fluorometric detection. Samples are amplified and measured in the Smart Cycler's proprietary sealable reaction tubes, which are designed to optimize rapid thermal transfer and optical sensitivity.

The Smart Cycler software enables single or multiple operators to define and simultaneously carry out any number of separate experiments, each with a unique set of cycling protocols, threshold criteria, and data analysis. In addition, thermal and optical data from each and all sites can be monitored in real time, and graphs of temperature, growth curves, and melt curves can be charted as the data are collected.

The Smart Cycler Starter System is delivered with all the equipment and software needed to obtain faster assay results. The system includes a Smart Cycler processing block, Windows-compatible computer and monitor, Smart Cycler Software, users manual, and accessory kit. The accessory kit features a mini-centrifuge, tube racks, and cooling block specifically designed to accommodate Smart Cycler reaction tubes. The tubes can be purchased in 25 or 100µL volumes.

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  • 16 independently programmable reaction sites
  • Faster and more sensitive than reference systems
  • 4-color real time optical detection in each site
  • 1-6 processing blocks


Spare Parts and Consumables


Catalogue No. Price
Reaction Tubes 25ul 50 tubes/bag 900-0023 £50.00
Reaction Tubes 25ul 1000 tubes/box 900-0022 £720.00
i-core replacement FATA 25, v 2.0 700-2070 £1,800.00
Cooling block 700-0243 £160.00
Mini centrifuge 700-2378 £420.00
Smartcaps and Smartubes 50 items/pack SCAP-100N-050 £85.00
Tube extractor 300-0452 £15.00
Smartdispenser 20 beads (40 tests) SMHM1-150N-040 £84.00

The SmartCycler System

The SmartCycler System

The SmartCycler System

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