Little Dipper™ Processor for GTG Banding

SciGeneThe SciGene Little Dipper Processor for GTG Banding [Ord. 1080-70-GTC (220V)] provides precisely controlled automation staining processing steps used with GTG banding of chromosomes on slides.

The robotic system controls staining, wash, agitation, time and buffer temperatures for processing batches of up to 24 slides following optimized protocols. The system eliminates messy jars, waterbaths and staining dishes used in manual methods, freeing up valuable technician time.


Accurate Control Improves Assay Reproducibility
Precise control of timing and washing movement is critical for obtaining consistent low backgrounds and good contrast staining. The instrument is designed for use by CLIA-certified labs with a built-in system for verifying and calibrating accurate conditions

Simple Training and Operation
After filling baths, and activating stir bars, slides are loaded into either a 12 or 24-position rack and mounted onto the robotic arm. Staining and washing action is achieved through the movement of the robotic arm and stir bar vortex. The instrument performs programmed wash and dry steps and holds the slides in the dark ready for imaging. The simplicity of design makes training a snap and ensures consistent day-to-day results by different operators.

Programmed for GTG chromosome banding
Validated protocols for GTG banding are preprogrammed including a centrifugation step to dry the slides and keep them in the dark until further processing. Users may also create custom protocols to meet special conditions for other probes.

Use it for FISH and aCGH Based Tests Too!
The Little Dipper Processor is ready to use for processing slides for FISH and also microarrays for laboratories that offer aCGH as a diagnostic tool. The system automates the post-hybridization steps used with Agilent, Illumina, Roche/NimbleGen, Signature-Select® and self-spotted arrays.

Technical data:

Electrica:l Cat.#1080-70-GTG 220V AC; 50/60 Hz; 1700W
Dimensions: (HxWxD) 20 x 28 x 22 Inches (51 x 71 x 56 cm)
Weight Instrument: Net 47 lbs (21 kg) Shipping Gross 85 lbs (39 kg)
Performance and Controls: Temperature Range Ambient +5C to 90C Temperature Regulations +/- 0.5C from set point Bath Volumes 5x 670 ml Centrifuge RPM / force 900 RPM / 50 g

Little Dipper™ Processor for GTG Banding

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