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Precellys instrument loan service available

Precellys 24 or Precellys Dual available for short term loan for one off projects. Please contact us for further information.

March 2017 Offer. Receive a free USB Mini Microscope when you order 20 Packs of any Precellys Tubes

Feb 2017 Flexible purchase/lease options available. Please enquire for further information

Jan 2017 Minilys Promotion £1,500 or £1200 if purchased with a Precellys instrument. Limited stock available.

Precellys Evolution accessories now available including 7ml tube racks and 7ml centrifuge adaptors.


Up-dated Precellys Application Centre

September 2016

Application notes now available for the Minilys

click here.


Featured products and services

Precellys 24Precellys 24
The Precellys 24 is a highly efficient rapid cell lysis and homogenising instrument designed to liberate DNA, RNA and proteins from a wide range of specimens. Utilising a bead beating process coupled with a powerful figure of 8 motion allows lysis to be achived with very short programs typically less than one minute. Read more »

Precellys 24 DualPrecellys 24 DUAL
Fast, effective and reproducible homogenisation of up to 6 samples in 7 ml tubes or up to 12 samples in 2 ml tubes. Read more »

 Homogenisation tubes
For automated lysis Stretton Scientific offer a range of pre-filled homogenisation consumables. The pre-filled sterilised tubes are supplied with a range of grinding media selected to optimise applications. The beads range from 2.8mm steel beads for highly resistant tissue such as bone and hair down to 0.1mm glass beads for bacteria,spores and yeast. Read more »