Hybex® Microarray

SciGeneStatic incubation of up to 16 Slides / Microarrays - Ready for Processing.

The Hybex Microarray Incubation System simplifies microarray incubation and processing to reduce costly errors and enhance the reproducibility of results. The system is comprised of the Hybex Microsample Incubator and two humidified chambers.

Eliminates Cassettes and Waterbaths
The Hybex Microarray Incubation System replaces multiple, clumsy cassettes with humidified chambers. Instead of plunging hands repeatedly into hot water to place and remove cassettes, Hybex chambers are simply inserted into a small heating unit. The system includes two chambers, four 4-slide racks, two handles and assembly tools for incubating up to 16 arrays simultaneously.

Eliminates Handling Arrays When Washing and Drying
Manually transferring arrays from waterbath cassettes into racks takes time and creates opportunities to damage samples. With the Hybex Incubator, slides remain in the incubation racks when performing coverslip removal, washing and drying. Arrays are not touched post-hybridization.

Integrates with the Little Dipper™ Microarray Processor
For a complete array processing solution, Hybex slide racks can be seamlessly transferred to the Little Dipper Microarray Processor for automatic washing and drying. This robotic instrument moves and agitates Hybex racks containing eight arrays through five temperature controlled baths into an integral centrifuge for drying. The Little Dipper Processor eliminates process variability between operators that use a patchwork of dishes, hotplates and thermometers to wash arrays. For best results, use within a NoZone or NoZone TL Workspace to eliminate day-to-day assay variability caused by high ozone levels.

Perform Enzyme Incubations with Heat Blocks
The Hybex heating base provided as part of the system can be used as a tube/PCR plate heater with the use of removable blocks. The heated lid eliminates cap condensation which can alter sample composition when performing IVT and other everyday enzyme incubations. Several blocks are available:

1. 96 x 0.2 ml PCR tubes or single PCR plate
2. 60 x 0.6 ml tubes
3. 32 x 1.5 ml tubes

Heat Liquids with a Waterbath Insert
The Hybex system can be used to heat water or buffer using a durable, waterproof insert. Ideal for washing racks of microarrays or for slides used in FISH/ISH. The waterbath insert is easily removed for cleaning.

Consistently Delivers Accurate Temperatures
The Hybex Microarray Incubator precisely controls incubation temperatures to ±0.2°C from set point. To ensure consistent day-to-day results, the unit is easily calibrated with an optional NIST certified digital thermometer.

Small and Portable - Ideal for Cramped Laboratories
The Hybex heating unit is provided in a package the size of a shoe box, weighing about five pounds. With benchspace at a premium, the Hybex unit takes up little room and can be easily moved from place to place for sharing or for storage between uses.

Hybex Microarray

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