Bertin technologiesOptional upgrade for chilled homogenisation

Cryolys is the perfect option for Precellys for temperature control during homogenization.

  • Keep tissue at optimal temperature during homogenization
  • Control temperature inside tubes for any soft or hard tissue Precellys protocols.
  • Protect sensitive molecules from degradation
  • Get higher yield, quality and functionnality.
  • Prevent enzymes from becoming active
  • Retain 100% active proteins.
  • Compatible with any Precellys


Cryolys prevents increasing of temperature during lysis process and enhance efficiency of molecular extraction leading to premium quality analysis.

1 - Compressed air goes through liquid nitrogen in the Cryolys
2 - Cold compressed air is sprayed inside the Precellys 24 specific Cover
3 - Samples are cooled and temperature sensitive molecules keep their native state


Technical specifications

Compressed Air flow rate: 80, 100 and 120 Litre/minute
1 Litre Liquid Nitrogen for 5 minutes run

Connection requirements
Air Inlet Connection: 3/8 BSP female supplied with grooved nipple for 10mm diameter hose
Air Inlet requirements: Dry air, 5 bars

CE compliance
Dimensions : 430 x 300 x 300 mm
Weight : 13,6 kg
Power requirements : 110 - 220 V

More information

PDFCryolys Brochure (.pdf)


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